Atlanta Art Exhibition to Showcase Contemporary Nigerian Art Forms


Atlanta Art Exhibition to Showcase Contemporary Nigerian Art Forms

On Wednesday, May 25, the Consulate General of Nigeria in Atlanta, Georgia, in partnership with the Nike Art Gallery located in Lagos, Nigeria, will host “Nigeria speaks,” an art exhibition that will highlight the breadth and richness of Nigerian culture, arts, creativity, literature, languages ​​and other forms of expression at the residence of the Consul General of the Republic Federal Government of Nigeria, 3460 Tuxedo Road NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30305 Guests will enjoy an exhibition designed to generate momentum in unlocking the transformative potential of art and culture as well as strengthening cultural diplomacy between Nigeria and the United States.

“Whether in art, music, poetry, spoken word, theater, film theater, creativity has increasingly become the most valuable tool for expressing our identity as than Africans,” said Amina Amira Smaila, Ph.D, Consul General of Nigeria, Atlanta. “Nigeria Speaks” is essential for sharing, reshaping, telling and projecting Nigerian and African art, in all its diversity, depth and beauty,” adds Consul General Smaila.

This invitation-only event will highlight the work of Chef (Ms) Nike Okundaye, Owner of the Nike Art Gallery and her associates. Chief Nike is a leading artistic expressionist and one of the most important figures in the development of African arts and crafts. Chief Nike is an accomplished artist and has continued to be a pioneer in opening borders for the development of Nigerian arts and galleries, as well as promoting Nigerian textiles, especially admiring, which is indigenous to southwestern Nigeria. His gallery in Lagos, Nigeria houses over 8,000 works of art and is one of the largest of its kind in Africa. The works that will be exhibited will portray the hopes and aspirations of the African people, especially women, in the face of various daily challenges concerning the family, socio-economic development, nation-building and general prospects for human existence. .


The importance and cultural impact of this exhibition cannot be overstated, the commitment of this exhibition is to bring together government officials, artists, international institutions, the private sector, foundations and other stakeholders to share their experiences and forge strategic partnerships to advance culture and creation. Industries. This will include generating momentum and raising ambition to unlock the transformative potential of art and culture to make societies more prosperous.

“Now more than ever, we must begin to allow our humanity to express itself. The role of art, as the guardian of our heritage, cannot be understated. I am heartened to see that Nigerian artists and African-born artists are advancing the African narrative and making a huge impact, despite the many structural barriers they face,” said Consul General Smaila.


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