Doncaster’s heritage sites including the old museum and art gallery, the Grand Theater and St James’s Church are due major renovations


A business proposal worth around £560,000 has been submitted to renovate and alter three sites in and around the city centre.

These include the Old Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery, the Doncaster Grand Theater and St James’s Church on St Sepulcher Gate West.

The first project involving the former museum and art gallery will use funds from the Doncaster Towns Deal Heritage Project to support the creation of a public facility as a ‘multipurpose space’ for heritage events, research on the family history and archives at a cost of £450,000.

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Saint-Jacques Church on the West Holy Sepulcher Gate

For the Doncaster Grand Theatre, a full feasibility study will be undertaken alongside the Theaters Trust.

Council bosses say this is the ‘essential first step’ in identifying the future of one of Doncaster’s most iconic cultural and heritage assets, with ‘strong public opinion’ on its restoration for a initial cost of £18,500.

An additional £3,750 will also help with renovations to the theatre’s facade.

With the St James’s Church project costing £18,750, the council will use Heritage Town Deals funding to commission a full feasibility study of the renovations.

The Royal Institute of British Architects will also identify how the church’s ‘vision to improve quality and supply’ can benefit the community by ‘celebrating the heritage of the church’ as ​​a religious building for the people working on the railway.

A total of £2,076,500 in matching funding has been identified to support theater and former museum projects.

Neil Armstrong, Senior Program and Project Manager at DMBC, said: “The overarching aim of the Doncaster Towns Deal is to help increase economic growth with a focus on regeneration, improved transport, better broadband connectivity, skills and culture.

“The Doncaster Towns Deal heritage project offers Doncaster an exciting opportunity to benefit from significant revitalization of key heritage assets.

“The programs identified as part of the business case were carefully identified, assessed and selected using robust criteria – including public consultation feedback.

“The results and recommendations of the heritage project have been reviewed and approved by the private sector-led municipal negotiating committees.

“The approval and submission of the Doncaster Heritage Business Case will result in a significant transformation, which should be passed.”


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