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PLYMOUTH—On March 18, 2021, the United Nations approved a resolution to declare 2022 the “Year of Glass” to give artisans the opportunity to showcase their work and allow others to appreciate glass, its heritage and its importance. To commemorate this, the Heartland Art Gallery will hold several Glass Art Classes throughout May and a Glass Art Exhibition in June. “Let people come in and see the different shapes of glass we use,” Jayne Jacobson said. “I hope people will have a new enjoyment of glass.”

There are four glass artisans who are members of the Gallery, all of whom pursue a different discipline within the art form. Mary Szymczak uses pieces of colored glass to design stained glass. Cindy Carter specializes in mosaics but has also branched out into other glass specialties including stained glass, fused glass, dabbled in bead making and has also taken a few other courses. Kari Chittenden is a pearler and Jacobson is a glass enameller, specializing in fusing glass and copper into designs.

Glass art offers artists the opportunity to work with an incredible medium. Not only is it an addictive art form, but it’s also a way to relax. “I find it very relaxing when I’m working on a project. I totally lose track of time. The colors and textures of the glass are mesmerizing,” Carter said. Jacobson agrees: “It’s also a kind of therapy. It’s a way to do something and end your worries and share with each other.

For those who wish to try their hand at the art of glass, several courses are offered throughout the month of May. For more information on dates, times and costs for any of these courses, visit heartlandartgallery.com or call the gallery at 574-936-9515. Heartland Art Gallery has a wide selection of local art for sale, including pieces from the artisans mentioned in this article. The gallery is located at 101 N. Michigan St., Plymouth.


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