Historic sites can inspire new forms of art – Artist Ibrahim Mahama


Ghanaian contemporary artist, Ibrahim Mahama believes that historical sites are crucial for the advancement of art.

He says they will provide an opportunity for upcoming artists to think of new ways in the field of art.

“There are art forms that artists produce and there is art that emerges from themselves.

“When we can appropriate these places and their aesthetics and we can preserve them, it will create new freedoms within art.

“So the artists who will be born on the 21stst century and beyond will have the ability to practice the art on a large scale, which would not have been possible before,” he explained.

Mr. Mahama added “It creates new points in our stories and timelines that can serve as tourism spots that can generate revenue.”

Mr. Mahama, who is now a PhD student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, was speaking at a lecture titled: “The Burden of Emptiness. Capital Bankruptcy Potential,” Thursday.

Mr. Ibrahim Mahama has distinguished himself worldwide in the field of contemporary art.

Locally, his notable works include, covering the entire KNUST Great Hall with burlap sacks.

A participant who spoke to JoyNews says he was inspired by the conference.

“It was very inspiring. Accountability is what I took away from his lecture,” said Emmanuel Aboagye.


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