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A temporary art gallery has popped up in the old Classic Consignment building at 5514 24th Ave NW.

Resident Ballard, Kyle Perry, 30, had an important thought in January. He believed he could do something he had never done before; bring his love for art to the forefront of public interaction while simultaneously uplifting local artists. It was in an empty building, hidden in downtown Ballard that he accomplished this.

“I love art,” Perry said candidly when asked why he chose to create a pop-up gallery. Specifically, he wanted to open the gallery for two reasons: to finally exhibit his own art and to give local artists the opportunity to showcase their own art and earn money from their passion.

“A lot of paintings have already been sold. I’m very proud. I’m more proud, however, of the fact that I take no commission on sales. The artist gets all the money,” Perry said. He intended from the start to create this gallery, not for the money, but for the love of art. No more. Not less.

Although he had the idea for an art gallery in January, Perry only had two weeks to renovate the building, collect and hang paintings by local artists (13 artists in total) and make advertising for everything. He accomplished all of this and more during this time while working his regular 10 hour shifts at Annie’s Art & Frame.

“My girlfriend says I should have asked for help,” Perry quipped after he finished explaining it all.

The building that houses this pop-up gallery was damaged years ago when the devastating NW Market St and 24th Ave NW fire in October 2019 destroyed several adjacent buildings.

“Fortunately, this building did not sustain major fire damage, but the smoke damage was beyond repair. With the building due to be demolished next month, the owners were happy that the building was finally commissioned. They’ve owned the building since the ’60s,” Perry explained.

You can see the gallery for yourself for free until May 28.


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