PU’s Art, Design College organizes a seminar on the different possibilities of communication


LAHORE – Graphic Design Department of College of Art & Design (CAD) of Punjab University has organized a seminar titled ‘Sab Say Pahly Ap Nay Ghabrana Nahi Ha; Design Thinking Process”. The seminar was led by Mr. Nadeem Wahid, one of the design industry’s top practitioners, who covered a range of design strategies to provide students with an understanding of the different communication possibilities. He linked the famous slogan: “Sab Say Pahly Ap Nay Ghabrana Nahi Ha” with the design thinking process because, according to him, anything can be announced and any goal can be achieved. He outlined the basics of branding techniques, then elaborated on them with local industry examples, and made students understand the importance of connecting with their audience or customers. Professor Ahmad Bilal, director of the Center for Postgraduate Research in Creative Arts, said the seminar was an effort to connect academia with industry and build students’ creative skills. He added that design was always a true reflection of a society because it presented something salable, and in the contemporary capitalist setup, only the salable had survived. “Indeed, consumer culture is the most compelling culture.” The seminar offered all design students the opportunity to think outside the box and make their final projects interesting and more aligned with the needs of contemporary industry. The seminar was organized by Prof. Dr. Ahmad Bilal. Israr Chishti and all the thesis students and faculty members including Dr. Sara Umar, Dr. Asna Mubashara, Farjood Rizvi, Aqsa Ilyas and Mian Ashfaq attended the seminar.


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