The Dunwoody Art Commission will hold its first meeting on January 28


The new Town of Dunwoody Arts Commission will hold its first meeting on January 28th.

The commission is responsible for developing policies, procedures and guidelines for implementing the city’s recently adopted public art implementation plan. The commission will also review and approve any public art.

The meeting is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. on January 28 and will be held virtually via a Zoom link that will be on the city’s website here.

The members of the new commission named by Mayor Lynn Deutsch and information about them provided by the city are as follows:

  • Jim Cramer, Design Strategist, Educator, and CEO Emeritus of the American Institute of Architects
  • Bobbe Gillis, professional art and design consultant at ART & Associates, and former owner, for 13 years, of a gallery representing local artists.
  • Bob Lavender, small business owner in the printing industry with corporate experience including project management.
  • Mary Michael, landscape architect and managing partner of LandMatter Studios, LLC. While working for the City of Sandy Springs, she designed the final layout of the playable art park at the Abernathy Greenway.
  • Alicia Price-Fowler, professional baker and owner of Pum’s Sweets. She worked with “food art” through her home bakery.
  • Tina Walden, craftswoman and owner of ReVarne LLC, an online business offering custom furniture painting, home decor and clothing.
  • Howard Wertheimer, architect and member of Georgia Tech’s Arts Advisory Board. He is also the chief operating officer of the Piedmont Park Conservancy in Atlanta.

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