The Haute Vallée art gallery highlights the works of women


LEBANON, NH (WCAX) – Works on display at AVA Gallery in Lebanon, New Hampshire, put women artists in the spotlight.

“I have about 18 pieces there,” Barton’s Ann Young said.

Young has been an artist, in several different mediums, her entire life. She says that’s just who she is.

” That’s what I do. I paint,” Young said. “I just feel compelled to do it more than anything else I could pursue.”

“It’s like a constraint,” said artist Dani Klebes, who shares a similar sentiment.

Klebes is originally from New Hampshire but is currently doing a residency in New York.

“I think anything you’re passionate about is fun to share with others. I love to hear people’s responses,” Klebes said.

The works of the two women are presented at the AVA gallery, alongside two other female artists.

In a smaller room, nearly two dozen artists, both men and women, present pieces inspired by women.

“It’s a way to draw attention to female artists, there are quite a few female artists. And it’s a way to bring them to light,” said Samantha Eckert of AVA Gallery.

But Klebes says art, like many professions, has always been dominated by men. She says it gives extra importance to the exhibition of this gallery.

“I think it’s pretty amazing to be in a space where it feels like women are dominating visual art in so many ways,” she said. “It’s a really exciting time to be a female artist.”

“Of course, I think it’s great to celebrate women and the arts. I just wish it wasn’t necessary that we had our own Women’s History Month,” Young said.

The smaller show will continue until the end of the month. The pieces in the Great Hall will be exhibited until mid-April. Click here for more details.

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