MIT University of Art, Design, and Technology Hosts Hackathon 2022 to Fuel Innovative Ideas for Problem Solving


The hackathon began with the inaugural ceremony and continued with presentations, prototype showcase, demos and rounds of evaluation. It lasted almost a day and asked the 12 members of the judging panel to evaluate feasibility on various parameters and review the results to shortlist the top 15 teams, 9 for hardware and 6 for software editions respectively. Out of these 15 teams, 3 were also chosen as the overall winners of the MIT-ADT University Hackathon 2022. The first INR Twenty-Five Thousand prize was won by the team from the MIT School of Bioengineering Sciences and Research. The second INR Fifteen Thousand Prize was won by the MIT Institute of Design team and the third INR Ten Thousand Prize was won by the MIT School of Engineering team. Sir. Rohan NighojkarTata Consultancy Services, Mr. Sandeep K. Badade, CDK Global, Mr. Vinay GhulePrincipal Financial Group, Mr. Dilip Gadhave, Infosys Limited, Mr. Chandan Gadeinvestment management professional, Mr. Durvankur Raut, Wipro Ltd., Mr. Sanjiv Singhteacher. Dhimant Panchaldr. Mohit Dubeydr. Renu Vyasdr. Nachiket Thakurteacher. Harshit DesaiDr Ganesh Pathak, Dr. Virendra BhojwaniProf Ashok Todmal, Dr. Pooja KulkarniProfessor Suraj Bhoyar were the jury members of the hackathon.

Smart India Hackathon is the largest open innovation movement in the world and collaborates with some of the greatest minds in the country. Issue statements in areas such as agriculture, food technology, rural development, blockchain and cybersecurity, clean and green technologies, disaster management, heritage and culture, medical/biotech/health technologies , Renewable/Sustainable Energy, Robotics & Drones, Smart Automation, Smart Education, Intelligent Vehicles, Transport & Logistics, Travel & Tourism are routed to attendees. Each group of 6 students is encouraged to come up with innovative answers that help solve the problem. Teams were shortlisted after careful review based on novelty of idea, complexity, clarity and detail in prescribed format, feasibility, practicability, sustainability, scale of impact, user experience and the potential for future work progression.

Main guest, Mr. Yatin Tambe shared his journey as an entrepreneur and encouraged students to focus on the “intent” behind every decision. He said “Life is nothing but a problem and living a useful life will solve this problem with our unique and innovative approach. Identifying areas of pain and giving a solution is what engineers are all about.” It also motivated students to take on new challenges and embrace entrepreneurship over other career options. He shared the work-life balance mantra in his keynote.

Sir. Uday Deo pointed out that most budding entrepreneurs have innovative ideas, but they don’t have a platform to channel them properly. It deliberately complemented IIC-MITADT University for establishing a well-balanced ecosystem and bringing these ideas to fruition. He was thrilled to see such enthusiastic groups of students and noted that having an idea and pitching it to the masses is actually more rewarding than winning. He also commended the vision and mission of MIT-ADT University to encourage budding innovators and start-up enthusiasts.

Executive Chairman and Vice-Chancellor, Prof. dr. Mangesh Karad, MIT University of Art, Design and Technologysaid: “The talent for innovation and original thinking is the axiom of today’s generation. Young people are now actively involved in the creation of new opportunities, the economic empowerment of vulnerable groups and better systems, and play a pivotal role in high-quality education. Competitions and platforms like these give wings to these innovative ideas and promote problem-solving in the most effective way.” all teams aspiring to transform their brainstorming into a practical reality. For him, participating and coming together around such innovative ideas is also winning.

Teacher. Dr. Anant Chakradeo, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, MIT ADT University was pleased to see over 415 students participating in the hackathon. He advised: “Such life-changing experiences prepare an individual to identify and define the problems of society. It reduces the time needed to formulate new solutions. Prepare to face challenges and help to be independent coincides with the vision of Atmanirbhar..” He congratulated all the students for their innovative ideas and wished them luck in winning the Smart India Hackathon 2022.

During the farewell and award ceremony, Professor Sunita Karad, Director of MITCOM & ICT, appreciated the students for their participation and their challenge to contribute to solving society’s problems in an innovative way. Technology has greatly contributed to increasing access to large amounts of detail and helped implement innovations that have changed our lives forever. The imaginative potential of the young mind, coupled with the power of technology, is definitely proving to be a formidable force in the pursuit of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. She applauded budding technocrats’ intention to help solve problems at such a young age.

Teacher. dr. Virendra Bhojwani, President, Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC), moved the vote of thanks. He was amazed by the number of students, especially first-year students, who enthusiastically participated and presented their innovative ideas. He expressed his absolute pleasure to see students from all the various institutions of MIT University of Art, Design and Technology brought together on a single platform.

Teacher. Suraj Bhoyar, Vice President, IIC and Project Manager, MIT Center for Future Skills Excellence, delivered a welcome address and assured participating students of mentorship in the areas of incubation, innovation and entrepreneurship. With the IIC-MITADT University team, he is convinced to promote the spirit of innovation and curiosity leadership to raise awareness among Gen-Z to consider entrepreneurship and start-ups as a viable career opportunity compared to to others. He promised more such events for tech enthusiasts in the future. He also highlighted why it is important to equip yourself with exponential technologies like AI, IoT, Data analysis, Robotics, cyber security, cloud computing, blockchainetc

Smart India Hackathon SPOC, Prof. Vilas Khedekar said a few selected ideas are ready with the prototype and some will be further refined and modified with advice from industry veterans and start-up mentors to prepare budding technocrats participation at the national level. He further reiterated that the Smart India Hackathon methodology is an explicit and pragmatic approach to learning and problem solving, and the ability of students to discover solutions on their own will help them in their future technical employment. . M/s. Smruti Shelke and Mrs. Suruchi Bhatt coordinated and supervised MIT-ADT University Hackathon 2022.

The IIC-MITADT University team also organizes a faculty development program on innovation and entrepreneurship under the MOE’s innovation cell, the AICTE Mentor-Mentee program for mentoring institutes in India from March 24 to 26, 2022.

About MIT-ADT University

MAEER’s Trust, known for setting a strong precedent for the privatization of engineering education in Maharashtra, had taken the lead by establishing the Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT-Pune), in 1983, which continues to remain the group’s flagship institute.

MIT University of Art, Design and Technology, Pune was established under the MIT University of Art, Design and Technology Act 2015 (Maharashtra Act No. XXXIX of 2015 ). The University successfully commenced its activities from June 27, 2016. The University is a self-funded and degree-granting institution under Section 22 of the University Grants Commission Act 1956. The University has a unique blend of art, design and technology. as the core of its scholars.

Recently, MIT University of Art, Design and Technology, Pune, was awarded the following distinctions:

  1. Rated in Band Excellent for ARIIA 2021 by Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.
  2. Awarded 5 stars for exemplary performance by the Innovation Council of the Ministry of Education, Government. from India.
  3. Conferred with Best University Campus Award by ASSOCHAM, New Delhi
  4. Granted with Atal Incubation Center under ATAL Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, Govt. from India

MIT University of Art, Design, and Technology has taken a holistic approach to education in which students are motivated to build a complete winning personality that is “physically fit, intellectually sharp, mentally alert, and spiritually uplifted.” “. Students are encouraged to participate in yoga, meditation, physical training, spiritual upliftment, communication skills, and other personality development programs. Currently, we have more than 10,000 students studying in various graduate schools of the University viz. Engineering and Technology, Food Technology, Bioengineering, Arts, Design, Marine Engineering, Journalism and Broadcasting, Film and Television, Music (Vocal and Instrumental Classical Hindustani), Teacher Training and Vedic Sciences.


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