The designer preserves the authentic culture of Rwanda through artistic design


A newly unveiled anti-corruption statue symbolizing the solidarity of all nations as one hand to fight corruption is seen in Kigali, capital of Rwanda, December 9, 2019. Rwanda and Qatar held a handover ceremony on Monday anti-corruption award in Kigali, where leaders have shown anti-corruption determination. Photo: Xinhua

Located in downtown Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, Moshions, founded in 2015, stands for top quality fashion, 100% Made in Africa.

As the fashion industry continues to gain traction globally, designers are increasingly blending traditional ideas to come up with unique clothing trends.

One of these designers is Rwandan Moses Turahirwa, 30, creative director and founder of the Moshions brand. Inspired by his own cultural roots, Turahirwa pays homage to the tradition of visual storytelling found in Rwanda and across the African continent.

He opted for fashion as a passion to grow his creativity. “I started as a hobby. It was after a while that I realized my culture and heritage and that’s how I started to interpret the cultural roots into something modern using my creative talent,” Turahirwa told Xinhua.

Shedding light on Rwandan culture is an important part of Turahirwa’s work.

The most popular product is the cardigan, which is redesigned every year. According to Turahirwa, the cardigan is inspired by a bag cap in Rwanda, where people tending to livestock used to make something out of banana leaves to cover themselves. Ornamentation is the beadwork which is most represented by Intore, a traditional dance performed by men in Rwanda, so the designers try to merge the story as a cover but also with a traditional dance pattern of Intore.

Turahirwa thinks that Rwanda has beauty in fashion, embroidery and patterns, but the interpretation of fashion as it is in the world is still at the stage of discovery.

“Our uniqueness lies in the iconic interpretation of our culture towards modernity and discovery,” he stressed.

The company now employs 32 people. It is a creative enterprise that provides job opportunities for Rwandans.


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